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2015.10.07 | Events

Unique youth conference aims to give children and young people insight into nature conservation

The great apes are under threat. To focus on this issue, and the way our everyday actions influence living conditions for the great apes, a group of researchers at Aarhus University have developed a course of teaching and a youth conference for schools and upper-secondary schools.

2015.05.27 | Kibale Sustainability Project

Chimps losing lives and limbs to the 'landmines of the forest'

The Guardian reports on the Kibale Snare Removal Program directed by postdoc Jessica Hartel.


Wed 21 Oct
19:00-21:00 | Geological Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
Wine and Science Event: Among Africa's Chimpanzees
Lectures by primatologist Jessica Hartel (in English) and Sofie Meilvang (in Danish).
Thu 22 Oct
09:00-16:00 | Zoological Museum and Copenhagen Zoo, Copenhagen, Denmark
Young Apes Conference for Kids
Free educational conference for kids about great apes and their conservation. Register to participate!

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