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Chimpanzee Conservation and Educational Outreach Workshop

Sponsored by Centre for Biocultural History. Hosted by Makerere University Biological Field Station at Kanyawara, Kibale National Park, Uganda.

2015.04.01 | Jessica Hartel

Date Thu 09 Apr Fri 10 Apr
Time 08:00    17:00
Location Makerere University Biological Field Station, Kanyawara, Kibale National Park, Uganda

Developed in collaboration with Uganda Wildlife Authority, this 2-day workshop focused on chimpanzee conservation and educational outreach in and around Kibale National Park. Attended by over 50 participants representing the following organizations: Kibale Chimpanzee Project and Snare Removal Program, Ngogo Chimpanzee Program and Snare Removal Program, Budongo Conservation Field Station and Snare Removal Program, Semliki Chimpanzee Project, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Kasiisi Project/Kibale Forest Schools Program, Uganda Wildlife Education Center, UNITE for the Environment, and Jane Goodall Institute.

Kibale Sustainability Project