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Luseadra McKerracher is a visiting PhD student

Luseadra McKerracher, visiting PhD candidate coming from the Simon Fraser University (Canada).

2014.07.08 | Blas Benito

Luseadra is a PhD candidate in the Human Evolutionary Studies Program at Simon Fraser University in Canada, as well as a visiting researcher in the Centre for Biocultural History at Aarhus University. Her research area is biological anthropology, with a focus on evolutionary demography and life history.

For her dissertation, Lusaedra is investigating the question of what physiological and energetic factors allow humans to wean our babies at only ~2.5 years of age – several years earlier than any of our closest phylogenetic relatives of similar sizes (namely, chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans). To this end, she is using data from living people and animals to identify factors that drive variation in weaning times, with a view toward using these data to model the origins of relatively early cessation of breastfeeding in humans.

She is also currently collaborating on two side projects. The first of these focuses on the evolution of pregnancy-related changes in diet and appetite. The second explores the methodological prospects and challenges of measuring biomolecules in different keratin-based tissues.

If you want to know more about Luseadra's research, just follow this link to her profile at the Simon Fraser University website.

Welcome to the Centre, Luseadra!

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