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2015.10.07 | Events

Unique youth conference aims to give children and young people insight into nature conservation

The great apes are under threat. To focus on this issue, and the way our everyday actions influence living conditions for the great apes, a group of researchers at Aarhus University have developed a course of teaching and a youth conference for schools and upper-secondary schools.

2015.05.27 | Kibale Sustainability Project

Chimps losing lives and limbs to the 'landmines of the forest'

The Guardian reports on the Kibale Snare Removal Program directed by postdoc Jessica Hartel.

2015.03.03 | Kibale Sustainability Project

In honor of World Wildlife Day, please do not support the illegal live trade of great apes!

Video produced by Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP).

Bono, a juvenile male chimpanzee, lost his right hand to a snare.

2015.02.19 | Kibale Sustainability Project

Snared today, gone tomorrow: Landmines in the forest

Peter Kjærgaard and Jessica Hartel blog about an adventure in Uganda with the Kibale Chimpanzee Project.

2015.01.23 | Events, Genetic history

Yorgos to be a discussion leader at an upcoming Gordon Research Seminar

The seminar will take place in Lucca, Italy from 21 to 22 of February

2015.01.20 | Publication, Biocultural engagement

NEW BOOK: Familien

Peter C. Kjærgaard's new book Familien on the extended human family is available to download as a free e-book or audio book in January.

Jess collecting data on wild chimpanzees at Kanyawara in Kibale National Park, Uganda

2014.11.01 | Kibale Sustainability Project, Natural and cultural heritage

Jessica Hartel, New Postdoc

Jessica Hartel is a primatologist with experience working in both captive and wild environments with a variety of primate species. Her research at the Center for Biocultural History focuses on the Kibale Chimpanzee Project as a test case to objectively quantify and analyze how long-term research projects can promote both natural and cultural…

2014.10.22 | Visit, Biocultural theory

Joseph Carroll is Bioculture Visiting Professor in 2015

The Centre for Biocultural History is happy to announce that Aarhus University's Research Foundation is sponsoring Professor Joseph Carroll, University of Missouri at St Louis, as a visiting professor at Aarhus University from January 2015 until June 2015.

Djuke Veldhuis

2014.10.01 | Human adaptation

Velcome to postdoc Djuke Veldhuis

Using cross-cultural comparisons, physiological and psychological stress measures, she is examining the costs and limits of adaptation, including the effect of modernization, in European and African populations.

2014.08.14 | Genetic history

Georgios Athanasiadis, new postdoc joining Bioculture!

Georgios (Yorgos) Athanasiadis is a geneticist with an MSc in bioinformatics and a PhD in human population genetics. Yorgos has just started a postdoc at the Centre for Biocultural History with a joint appointment at the Bioinformatics Research Centre.

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