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2014.07.08 | Media coverage, Neanderthal heritage

Interview to Felix Riede at "The Wenner-Gren Blog"

Felix Riede answers interesting questions about the research project "Excavation of a Campsite from the Hamburgian Culture Near Krogsbølle, Eastern Denmark". Do you want to learn something about the Hamburgian culture? Let's follow the link!

2014.07.08 | People , Biocultural engagement

Luseadra McKerracher is a visiting PhD student

Luseadra McKerracher, visiting PhD candidate coming from the Simon Fraser University (Canada).

2014.06.12 | People , Neanderthal heritage

Blas Benito: New postdoc at the Centre for Biocultural History

Blas Benito, ecologist and modeler, has joined the Neanderthal project. He will be working to unveil the ecological niche and distribution of Neanderthals and improve the current knowledge on the habitat and climate requirements of this hominin species.

2014.06.04 | Calls

Postdoc position

We are currently looking for one postdoc (1 year appointment) for the project "Natural and cultural heritage on the African continent". The appointment begins on 1 August 2014 or as soon as possible thereafter.

2014.04.07 | Media coverage, Neanderthal heritage

Engaging the public to find Neanderthal remains

Trine Kellberg Nielsen interviewed by DR about the project to get members of the Danish public go out looking for flints to determine traces of potential Neanderthal presence in Denmark.

2014.03.31 | Media coverage, Genetic history

Massive media coverage of DNA project

The conference 31 March presenting the first results of the genotyping of almost 800 Danish high school children received a massive media attention in the national Danish radio, television and print and online media.

2014.02.14 | Media coverage, Biocultural theory

Darwin and evolution on Danish TV2

Bioculture members Casper Andersen, Mathias Clasen & Peter C. Kjærgaard with evolution friends talk about Darwin and evolution on Danish TV2

2014.02.12 | Media coverage, Genetic history

Ancient Footprints: Commentary by Felix Riede

Bioculture member Dr Felix Riede comments on the widely publicized archaeological discovery of 800,000 year old footprints in England on the Danish science portal videnskab.dk.

2014.02.07 | Awards

Professor Jens-Christian Svenning receives EliteForsk award

Bioculture member Professor Jens-Christian Svenning receives the prestigious EliteForsk award from The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

2014.02.07 | Media coverage, Genetic history

What is human nature?

Bioculture member Dr Thomas Mailund talks about the past, present and future of human nature on Danish national radio.

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