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Georgios Athanasiadis, new postdoc joining Bioculture!

Georgios (Yorgos) Athanasiadis is a geneticist with an MSc in bioinformatics and a PhD in human population genetics. Yorgos has just started a postdoc at the Centre for Biocultural History with a joint appointment at the Bioinformatics Research Centre.

2014.08.14 | Georgios Athanasiadis

Yorgos’s expertise spans a wide range of areas from the history of human populations to the genetics of complex traits. Before joining our group, Yorgos studied the genetic structure of Western Mediterranean populations, as well as the genetics of idiopathic thrombophilia and related quantitative traits in the same region by use of family-based genome-wide association studies (GWAS). His research at Bioculture focuses mainly on the genetic structure the current Danish population (see Where Are You From? project), which he uses as a basis for historical inference in the past 500 years. Yorgos also participates in a new international consortium for the genomic analysis of several baboon species.

Genetic history