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Joseph Carroll is Bioculture Visiting Professor in 2015

The Centre for Biocultural History is happy to announce that Aarhus University's Research Foundation is sponsoring Professor Joseph Carroll, University of Missouri at St Louis, as a visiting professor at Aarhus University from January 2015 until June 2015.

2014.10.22 | Mathias Clasen

Professor Carroll has for two decades been a driving force behind the burgeoning school of evolutionary literary study. His work is strongly rooted in biocultural ideas. In company with other literary scholars who absorb ideas and information from the evolutionary social sciences, Professor Carroll argues that culture is constrained and directed by the evolved and adapted characteristics of the human mind. This “biocultural” conception stands in sharp contrast with the idea, still prevalent in the humanities, that culture alone shapes human minds.

During his visit at the Centre for Biocultural History, Professor Carroll will will participate in ongoing research activities at the centre and work on the project "The Truth about Fiction: Biological Reality and Imaginary Lives." Visit Professor Carroll's homepages at UMSL and Academia.edu, and read more about evolutionary literary study here.


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